New Belarus MTZ 920.4, Export, 2017 V
New Belarus MTZ 920.4, Export, 2017 V
New Belarus MTZ 920.4, Export, 2017 V
New Belarus MTZ 920.4, Export, 2017 V
New Belarus MTZ 920.4, Export, 2017 V
New Belarus MTZ 920.4, Export, 2017 V

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Delivery to all regions of Ukraine, from two units for free!
Maybe in installments on favorable terms with payment on a seasonal basis! Special price for the rest of the tractor ! Hurry!
Diverse sample in stock !
It is possible to supply up to 11 pieces of equipment, the export version of the 2016-2017 year in the factory of the manufacturer cancelled orders and excess production units (overproduction).
Additional equipment:
Brakes running in an oil bath;
Cargo ballast the rear wheels;
Cargo ballast front;
Cermet linings of a clutch;
Spacers for rear wheels doubling.
The tractor is designed for various agricultural works with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines and implements, works, transport
Model tractor MTZ 920.4 differs in its class, a high level of traffic, ensuring the mobility of vehicle in any type of soil and on the road. Large protectors even on the front pneumatic wheels able to hold the tractor on steep slopes, which makes this technique truly universal for any operations.
In the development of Belarusian machine builders took into account all customer requirements, ranging from a powerful engine (Germany) Belarus 920.4 and ending with the superior design of the workplace of the operator, where all necessary conditions, including air conditioning.
Features of the model
Air conditioning;
The engine of the Minsk motor plant is installed with mechanical control of fuel supply "Mercer" and the fuel pump of the company "Motorpal". Front driving axle with planetary spur reduction gears, updated interior plastic lining of an improved design, diesel emissions of harmful substances meet the ecological requirements of the stage IIIA Stage.
Type 4-cylinder, turbocharged
Power, HP/kW 84,3/62,0
Grade of D-245.43 Ѕ3А/D-245.43 Ѕ3АМ
Environmental standard Stage IIIA
Specific fuel consumption g/(kW·h) 220 ± 5,0/223 ± 6,7
Maximum torque, N·m2 411
Transmission Synchronized (custom mechanical) with a mechanical step-down gear/step-down synchronized/accelerator mechanical/increase synchronized
Clutch friction single-disk constantly closed type with a mechanical control
Number of gears forward/reverse 14/4
Rear PTO, min-1 540/1000
Hydraulic system
The carrying capacity of back suspension gear on suspension axis, kg, not less than 4000
Maximum pressure, MPa 20-2
Volumetric flow of the pump at nominal rotation frequency of crankshaft of diesel engine, l/min, at least 45
Tank capacity of hydraulic system, l 28,5 ± 0,5
Suspension system
Type of wheel
Wheel formula - 4К4
- front 360/70R24; 11,2R24;
back - 15,5R38; 18.4R34; 9,5-42; 11,2R42
Other features:
Brake/brakes of the trailer Dry (wet) two-disc (three CD-set)/single-wire actuator (on the order of two-wire).
Maximum weight, kg - 7000.
Climatic version - U1/T1.
Minimum and maximum speed forward/backward, km/h: Min 2,78/5,85;
Max of 39.9/13,18.
Reverse gear - mechanical.
Distinctive features of the BELARUS-920.4 from the models of BELARUS-920.3
- the tractor "BELARUS 920.4" set engine D-245.43 S 3AM: the production of MSW with a capacity of 62 kW. The engine emissions of harmful substances meet the ecological requirements And III stage;
-installed an upgraded instrument panel with indikatorima binero-baths AR 80.3813 (CD 8105) and the cluster 71.3801 AR-03 (CD 8116.3801-1) with a frequency sensor of fuel volume;
-on the brackets of the front lights installed additional front working lights;
- new design of the veneer.
On tractors "BELARUS-920.4 upgraded soup-current devices 826-3805010
The main difference between the electric equipment of tractors "BELARUS-920.4" from electric tractors "BELARUS-920.3" is the connection to the on-Board network of the tractor, the following elements of the engine D-245.43S3 AM / D-245.5Ѕ3АМ: - launch solenoid (concentrator); - system control-exhaust gas recirculation "MERCER"
Tel.: (066) 252-06-85, (066) 252-06-95. Manager.

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